Thank you so much for stopping by Aloha Botts and Tots!

We are a family centered lifestyle blog based on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Our goal is to share all that we know on the basics; Family, Hawaii, Design, Life… and of course, Cake.

Now a little more about us…

We are Malerie and Nathan Botts, the Botts of Aloha Botts and Tots!

We are a couple in our early 30’s who have been married since 12.13.14 and live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii with our two beautiful children.

Malerie recently left her position as a corporate event designer to be a full-time stay at home mama. She loves anything beautiful in the world and cannot get enough of the ocean, good design, and a killer cake. Decorating cakes is her hidden passion that has recently been busting out!

Nathan is a Police Officer in the Motorcycle Division for the Honolulu Police Department. His favorites include motorcycles, fishing and a good plate of chicken katsu. He is super handy and a huge help on the diy projects that Mal insists they attempt, usually armed with nothing but a picture and a whim!

We love our family, our faith, our island, anything Harry Potter and cake.

We are Reef and Roxy Botts. The Tots of Aloha Botts and Tots!

Reef is a hilarious little surfer baby with a great head of hair and an amazing personality. He is quick to say hi to everyone he meets and flash a smile! His best friend is his stuffed blue elephant and he loves every single type of fruit we have ever given him! We were blessed to have him join our family on 03.08.16 and he has made this world a better place from the moment he entered it.

Roxy is our beautiful little mermaid girl!! She is the happiest baby with a smile that lights up the entire room, except of course when she wants her mama and nothing else will do! She loves watching her big brother be silly and giving a big laugh when he looks her way! She has two new teeth and an appetite that just won’t quit! She’s our chunky little chicken nugget and our lives were made complete when she joined our family on 04.01.17. We thank God everyday that we have this beautiful little girl in our lives and in the world.

Thank you again for stopping by and we can’t wait to navigate this little dance called life with all of you!




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