E.I.E.I. Oh!

E.I.E.I. Oh!


Mommy and Reef in Front of the Barn

While we were in Connecticut we had the good fortune to do a great deal of incredibly fun things! One of which was going to my Aunts farm to spend some time with some of the animals.

Of course since my child is less than three months old let’s call a donkey a donkey here… it was really a trip for me 😉 but boy was it fun!!  So a BIG thank you to my Auntie Annette  and here are some of my favorite pictures from the day!

Aunt Nettie, Mommy and Reef in Front of the Barn

Mommy, Reef and Poppy Holcomb in Front of the Barn

Uncle Tyler, Mommy, Reef, and Poppy Holcomb in Front of the Barn

Mommy and Reef Meeting the Cows!

Mommy and Reef Feeding the Donkeys!


It truly is amazing how much joy can be found just by watching animals, it is a happiness that I got to experience as a child, and one I hope that we can pass onto Reef. Now we will leave you with this gem of a photo and have a great day!


I don’t know who is more afraid, cousin Mitch or Baby Reef  😉




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