Keeping the Holidays Tummy Trouble Free

Keeping the Holidays Tummy Trouble Free

Some of you may remember a post we did a little while back talking about our little princess and some of the tummy troubles that she has. In it we chatted a bit about Evivo Baby Probiotics and the benefits that they provide long-term.

Well we wanted to give you a quick update on our baby probiotic journey and remind you of all of the great things Evivo can do for your little one!

To recap:

For many babies today, there is a good bacteria called B. infantis that is no longer present in their bodies due to modern medical practices such as, formula feeding, C-sections, and antibiotics.

And B. infantis is super important to babies health because it helps to regulate your baby’s gut, which in turn helps baby to have a healthy metabolism as well as immune system.

Now with Roxy having as many tummy troubles as she did so early on, I wanted to take every step that I could to help her achieve a good, solid health foundation for life.

And that is where is Evivo came into the picture…

Evivo is a daily probiotic powder for your baby and is basically our lifesaver!

When it is mixed with breast milk and fed to your baby, Evivo will help to release nutrients in breast milk that creates a protective internal environment in your baby’s gut.

There are a few key things to remember about Evivo:

  1. B. infantisis critical during the crucial early months of life when baby’s metabolism and immune system are developing
  2. A healthy baby gut is linked to a healthy baby metabolism and immune system.
  3. B. infantis is the good bacteria that minimizes the potentially harmful ones—especially those that are linked to a higher risk for conditions like colic, eczema, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.

And now, after using it for an extended amount of time we have really started to see some great results.

Roxy is spitting up less. (And some of you may remember she is what we referred to as our “pukey baby”.) She is a lot less gassy. AND she is finally sleeping through the night!! (Can I get an AMEN!)

Everyone wants their baby to be the happiest and the healthiest that they can be! Especially when it comes to their teeny tiny tummies! And one thing we know for sure, a healthy tummy is a happy tummy!

It’s been a really great product for us and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! And it makes a great gift idea for any new parents out there who have a little one with tummy troubles!

For $10 off an Evivo Baby Probiotics Started Kit of 4 weeks or more, use code BLOG4211.

And for $20 off a 12,20, or 24-week starter kit use code: BLOG4212.

Each code can be redeemed by the first 50 readers.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 or after 50 redemptions, each code expires so act fast and kick tummy troubles to the curb!

To learn more about Evivo, please head to their website here.

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