Squashing Sibling Rivalry

Squashing Sibling Rivalry

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Having two children, especially two beautiful little babies so close in age, is truly such a blessing.

It has, for the most part, made a lot of things much easier, however, it has also come with it’s share of challenges.

And now that Roxy is getting older, more mobile, and more handsy… and Reefs vocabulary has expanded to include the word “mine”… those challenges are leaning towards the possession persuasion.

For example, while one of the big pro’s of having these two so close in age is that they can share things (toys, clothes, bottles etc…) We have found that getting a certain almost-two-year-old to understand that something that was once just his, now belongs to someone else… is difficult to say the least!!

So we are in kind of a catch 22 here!! ESPECIALLY considering its Christmas time and half of Roxy’s gifts were graciously given to her by Reef (possibly without his consent haha!)

Luckily, I have found the CUTEST way to help him understand that somethings are his… and some things WERE his, but are now Roxys!

Name Bubbles Name Labels!!

They are the CUTEST little name labels site and have tons of different options to choose from.

So, in order to help with this transition, I got two different designs of name labels with Roxy and Reef printed onto them! I chose the unicorn design for Roxy Girl and Reef’s favorite, the Elephant print for him!

And these arent just ordinary labels friends, they are like the Cadillac of labels!

They have labels for clothes, shoes, toys, cups! They are dishwasher, microwave, feezer and washing machine safe! (Seriously, like they say, they really made them to withstand the chaos of everyday life!!)

Now I just show Reef the label on whatever the item maybe. And he has really seemed to begin to understand that one label means it belongs to him and the other means it belongs to Roxy. This is really helped in teaching him about sharing as well as the concept of belongings in general.

And a few additional bonuses; when they start school their stuff will already be labeled! And when I get the occasional laundry help from my husband he can’t claim he “doesn’t know which baby it belongs to”  😉

All in all, I’m super happy with them I would absolutely recommend them to anybody!

Name Labels

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