Thankful for that Thanksgiving Dessert Bar!

Thankful for that Thanksgiving Dessert Bar!

If you have been following us for a little while, then you know, one of my favorite things in this world is a good dessert bar! And what could be a better way of showing Thanks to all of your friends and family, than by making them a Thanksgiving Dessert Bar!?

So, that is just what I did!

One of the main reasons that I love making dessert bars so much, is because I love to make different desserts, and it gives everyone a nice set of options to choose from!

Another, is because I just love to try and use the things that I have in my home to make a visually appealing set up!

And lastly… Target $1, $3, $5 section… I don’t think I need to say more!

Now, usually when I decide to do a dessert bar, I have an idea of a cake in mind that I want to create. This is because the cake is usually the focal point and once I have a general idea of that design I can sort of work from there.

For my Thanksgiving Dessert Bar however, I didn’t do the cake design until last because I was having a creative block!! Haha! However, I still knew a few things.

  1. That it would be the focal.
  2. It would be a buttercream cake, not fondant.
  3. I wanted it to be simple.

And the good news, is with a theme like Thanksgiving there are so many different options.

In this case, we went with pumpkins, leaves, and overall Fall inspired colors!

Another reason that I love Dessert Bars, is that I can take about a week to make all the desserts. I make about one a day and either keep them in the fridge or freezer until the event!

For this Thanksgiving Dessert Bar, I made cookies, cake pops, cup cakes, Rice Krispies treats and the cake.

The cake pops were red velvet cake covered in chocolate. The cupcakes were carrot cake with a cream cheese buttercream frosting.

The cookies were simple sugar cookies with royal icing and I hand painted them with food coloring.

The “Pumpkin Pie” Rice Krispie treats were definitely one of my absolute favorite desserts ever!! They are just normal treats for the crust and treats with a little orange food coloring for the filling. And the “whipped cream” is plain buttercream frosting piped onto the top.

And last but not least, the cake!

As I mentioned above, I had some simple parameters, but couldn’t really think of anything the morning of Thanksgiving, so I turned to Pinterest!

I found this incredible cake here and basically copied the pumpkins because they are so dang adorable!!!

My cake, was a simple 4 layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and the pumpkins were made out of fondant and all in all I love the way it turned out! (Thank goodness for Pinterest!)

And there you have my Thanksgiving Dessert Bar!

Now, I will lovingly leave you all with pictures of our incredible family and friends from our wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

I’m hoping my Thanksgiving Dessert bar will become a yearly tradition! Do any of you have your own Thanksgiving Traditions? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!