Thrifty Decor Challenge: Condo Edition Volume 1

Thrifty Decor Challenge: Condo Edition Volume 1

For those of you who may know me in life outside the internet, or for those who have been following my Instagram, Facebook, or blog for awhile, you know that my husband and I have just about finished purchasing, gutting and remodeling our second condo here in Hawaii. (With the help of countless friends and family, and most specifically Nathan’s parents Paul and Cheryl, my little brother Eddie and our friends Matt and Scott.

And I LOVE our new home. I mean when I say I love this house… I tend to not leave it for days to weeks on end because I love it so much. It is big, it is beautiful, it has the most amazing breeze and it has a view that is to DIE for. And now that I’m done slightly bragging… it brings me to the only downfall in this beautiful home of ours.

It isn’t decorated.

As a designer, this is both hard to fathom and at the same time kind of understandable if you are in the design profession.

While I LOVE designing!! At the end of the day, sometimes, I don’t want to do it anymore… and our home kind of goes by the wayside.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have some awesome “stuff”… a fantastic leather sofa, a beautiful butcher block table, and we just purchased an amazing  fabric bed frame and headboard!! But that’s it… a bunch of great singular items that are lacking cohesion and, basically, design.

We do have semi-good reasoning… not enough money right now, other projects to tackle… a brand new baby… going back to work full time… selling a condo, buying a condo, renovating a condo, moving into my in-laws, moving into our new home… BUT it has finally begun to bother me.

My own personal issue is always, I want to do everything right now all at once so that the room is complete and gorgeous and ready!!!!! (Because I clearly have the patience and attention span of a 5 year old)

SO I am starting a little challenge for myself.

And I am calling it The Thrifty Decor Challenge.

The rules are as follows:

  1. I will purchase 1 home decor item per paycheck (once every two weeks)
  2. This item cannot be more than $100.
  3.  I will continue to do so until my home is decorated.

Sounds simple enough right??

Well!  I invite you to follow along with me (or join me if your own home need some sprucing up!!) and see if this is a task that I can actually accomplish (insert laugh cry emoji) and at the end I hope to give you the grand tour of a fully decorated HOME!

And let’s start right now!!

Today, I took my little baby boy with me to one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE stores on the planet.


It’s a cheaper version of T.J. Maxx or Marshalls if you can believe it and it basically solves all my problems…

Anyways, we went there to purchase some drapes for our guest room so that our darling house guests Brad and Victoria can change without worrying about someone standing on the lanai and peeping on them!

While there, I found the MOST AMAZING little table!!

And here it is!

I saw it, and rather than do my usual walk-around-the-store-pretending-I-don’t-want-it-until-I’m-about-to-leave-and-go-back-for-it dance… I picked it up immediately and somehow rigged it to the front of the shopping cart and went on my way.

I believe it is one of those over-the-lap tables for your laptop… or possibly to eat a t.v. dinner on in front of the television set in the 50’s.

But whatever it is, I’m obsessed with it.

It looks AND feels like the top is made of different pieces of agate, polished and varnished together, and the bottom looks like it is made of a heavy solid metal.

Well, in real life, I believe the top is made of wood with some kind of veneer attached to it and the bottom is a light-weight metal… resulting in a price tag of $25.00.

Bottom line. This table is so beautiful, unique, and affordable that I absolutely had to have it.

And now I do!

I’m not sure where it will end up in the long run, but for now it is in our guest room as a bedside table for our guests.

Check back in 2 weeks to see what the next piece is that makes its way into our home!!

And if anyone out there has any suggestions on cool or unique places for me to hunt for home decor, please let me know in the comments section below!

Happy Sunday!



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21 thoughts on “Thrifty Decor Challenge: Condo Edition Volume 1”

  • I’m still losing my mind about our undecorated house… Two and half years later. I am also trying to come up with some sort of plan to decorate this bad boy and not spend a fortune! Good luck and love the table! (Did you skip out on getting the drapes once you found the table??)

    • Hi!! Thank you! I think you should do this little challenge with me! 🙂 I got the drapes as well but I’m just kind of avoiding mentioning that fact 😉 haha!! It’s ok, it doesn’t count since it was technically BEFORE I started the challenge!! <3

  • I love your paycheck idea!!! We have collected almost all our furniture in our house at a “bargain” and it has taken a few years, but we are finally getting there! I can’t wait to follow along!

    • Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much!! To be honest I’m a total bargain shopper and always have been! This year is the very first time I’ve ever splurged on anything furniture related (our bed frame!) The first frame we had my husband and I made together so I really didn’t ever want to get rid of it, but it was time. I’m getting so excited to purchase my second item this weekend! 🙂

  • Wow I can’t believe you guys renovated two condos! That’s work! Our condo was just recently renovated and we were SO lucky to get something that pretty much needs no work other than our own touches.

    As you saw in my home decor post, I also want to do everything RIGHT NOW. When I have a design in mind, why not just go for it full speed ahead?! But your points are exactly why – money hello! We just bought the house so there isn’t a ton of extra cash lying around to buy random decor. And two, I always find that when I impulse buy stuff I either hate the design later because I didn’t truly think about it or I find something else that’s way better a week later.

    I am loving Ross too! We should have Ross dates to decorate our homes! Is there a good one up that way? The one in Waikiki is the pits! I’ve gone about five times and it’s all just picked over or lame stuff.

  • I love your goal to purchase 1 item every paycheck. Thats definitely realistic and I’m sure you are going to have a beautifully decorated home in no time. Can’t wait to see all the pics! 🙂

    • Hi Nicole!

      Thanks 🙂 ya I thought that would be a nice achievable and realistic place to start! Pics of item number two will be up this weekend! As soon as I go out and find what it is!! 🙂 (oh and get payed of course lol) 😉

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you!! I do hope so 🙂 Item number two will be coming this weekend! I’m super excited, I have no idea what it will be lol!

  • I LOVE your design challenge!!!! How fun is that! We just bought our first house and I’m terrified of decorating it! I’ll definitely have to check out Ross! Ps – jealous of your breeze!

    • Hi Kari!

      Thanks for your kind words and for your input. The breeze is definitely something that sold me on this house!! 🙂 Don’t be terrified of decorating! I’m telling you, try this decor challenge along with me! Purchasing my second item this weekend. It seems daunting now but one day in the not so distant future it will be done and it will be amazing and you will LOVE it!! 🙂

    • Hi Lauren,

      That is awesome!! I can’t wait to see your pieces!! I am about to come up on my second item this weekend and can’t wait to see what I find! Please keep me posted on your decor journey!! 🙂

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