So… What wood you do?

For those of you who know me, you are probably thinking… there is absolutely no way she used the incorrect “would” twice… and you are correct… I’m being clever (insert clever face emoji and muahaha hands)

I am using this little play on words in reference to a fathers day gift that is so cool and so unique that the thing I am attempting to do is actually steal it for myself… seriously.

Many of you are probably thinking.. you Malerie are a terrible wife. And you might be right. But for the sake of a longer blog post, I’m going to argue that I am not, in fact, a terrible wife…

Ok, I don’t like to toot my own horn but I have been a superb gift giver to my husband over the course of our relationship… SUPERB…Superb.

For Christmas one year he received a new go-pro and tickets to go shark cage diving on the North Shore here in Hawaii…

For his¬†birthday the next he got a Poker Table accompanied by a surprise Poker Themed Birthday Party…

Last year, along with his best friends, we chartered a deep sea fishing boat to take us out for his birthday…

And, one Christmas I even willingly purchased him an X-BOX.. Yup.

Ok let’s be serious.. I actually LOVE to toot my own horn.. but I really have tried to do well in the gift department…

Now, not to say my husband is BAD at gift giving.. but it’s not his strongest contribution to the relationship ūüėČ and I am OK with that… (one of my gifts has been a chair… that I could take to the beach… and by beach I mean the rocks next to the ocean… to watch him fish… that he stole and now uses)

SO for fathers day I think I have come up with the perfect solution. I got him something SO COOL that the only logical thing to do… is keep it for myself!

And that brings me to the gift:

This GORGEOUS Zebrawood & Maple Watch from the Fieldcrest Series made by JORD WOOD WATCHES.

Fieldcrest Series Zebrawood & Maple Unisex Watch

It’s a WOODen watch… ah ah… see what I did there??

The best part about this particular watch, ¬†is that it is unisex, which really helps me in my plan to steal it…

Now the baby seemed to wise up to my sinister plot and he tried to hold onto the watch to protect it.  But as babies do, he fell asleep and I snatched it up!!

It then helped me to count down the minutes until the baby woke up again so I could have someone to play with and stop the boredom!

And then, just for good measure, I wore it to the beach today with the little monster.. Which actually turned out to be quite fortunate because my phone died and I would have had no other way to tell the time!! (hey remember life before cell phones?)

In all honesty, this watch truly is something special. I have never seen anything like it, and that is what really holds the appeal for me. You can dress it up, or you can dress it down.¬†It is completely one of a kind, gorgeous, versatile and SO light on your wrist. It’s basically perfect.


In fact, it is so perfect… how could I possibly let it go!! STOLEN

Then again, it would be a crime to keep it all to myself… SO¬†I may or may not have another one, in another style, coming for my INCREDIBLE¬†husband for his very first Father’s Day….

*** Side note: He really isn’t a bad gift giver. (My last birthday I got a trip to the spa for 3 hours of pedicures, facials, massages, a shopping trip to buy the perfect outfit, a trip to Mac to get my makeup done *my FAVORITE*, dinner with all my wonderful friends at a gorgeous restaurant high above Waikiki and a trip to the movies since I was 6 months pregnant at the time and a night on the town was not my idea of a good time ūüėČ )
AND since I’m SUCH¬†the gift giver.. I’m going to give someone a chance to win a $75 voucher¬†for their very own JORD WOOD WATCH

 (AND all contest entries will receive a $20 coupon JUST for participating!!)

To enter please follow the link below:



I’m not a total monster ūüėČ



Wooden Watches by JORD




  • These are gorgeous watches! I am not a watch person but it’s usually because I don’t like leather, which almost all watches are made from (or metal, which is too harsh on my skin). These really are unisex too because I didn’t even for one second think it was for your hubby ūüėČ

    • Yeah, that was something I’ve heard also, to be honest I wear it daily, to the beach, with the baby, carrying the baby putting pressure on it etc. and haven’t had an issue… It could definitely just be a “special occasion” watch though

  • Ok seriously…I think that is the BEST gift in the WORLD! I mean what better way to keep up with the hubs and babes than with that perfectly gorgeous watch ! I “wood” SO wear and snatch that too! ūüėČ

  • That watch it to die for! I love wood grain.

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