5 Simple Tips for Introducing Your Baby to Rice Cereal

5 Simple Tips for Introducing Your Baby to Rice Cereal

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Well, Moms, it happened again. I didn’t really think it was possible. But just like that I blinked my eyes and my teeny, tiny newborn baby is sitting up, looking at me with those big blue eyes, smiling and eating rice cereal!!

transitioning baby to rice cereal

For those of you that have been following along with our lives, you know that we just went through this process one short year ago with our son, Reef. Now, we got really lucky with our bouncing baby boy. That little man will eat basically anything and everything under the sun! He hesitated just a little bit when we transitioned him to rice cereal, but only a little bit.

Well, our little princess Miss Roxy, she is a whole different story. She has been significantly more difficult in this department! And because of this, and the knowledge I gained when transitioning Reef to rice cereal, I have compiled this list of 5 simple tips to help you mamas out there introduce your babies to rice cereal!

transitioning to rice cereal

  1. Identify if your baby is ready to start eating rice cereal.

One of the best ways to make your transition into rice cereal a smooth one is to begin when your baby is ready. There are few signs that will help you to note when it is time to begin. Sitting up on their own with the ability to hold their head up is a big one. And showing interest when you and your family eat your food is another. Of course, if you have any questions or doubts you can always discuss this with your pediatrician to be sure.

transitioning baby to rice cereal

  1. Keep it calm.

Try feeding your baby at a calm and quiet time in your home. It is best to try with as few distractions as possible and before he or she gets too hungry. I know that this may be a little easier said than done, especially if you have other children like I do. However, if your older child can handle his own food, you can include him in the process and let him sit near his sibling, kick up his foot (I was dying when he did that!!) and “participate” by eating his own snack!

  1. Stay flexible.  

Be open to trying different brands of cereal. As I mentioned, our Roxy girl has turned out to be a little bit on the picky side. She went through 3 different brands of cereal before we found one she would like (Gerber!) She was the same way with formula. What can I say the girl knows what she wants!

  1. Experiment with different textures.  

My husband and I use Gerber® Pure® Water gallon from Walmart when we mix our cereal. It is specially purified for babies and I am comfortable in knowing that it is a good choice for mixing with her cereal. Now texture was also a bit of a hurdle in our home. In the beginning, we were making the cereal too thick so we had to play around with the Gerber® Pure® Water to cereal ratio and we tried just about every range from thick to very runny until we found the one that worked best for us!

  1. Take your time.

Try a little every day and make sure to take cues from your baby. Remember, every baby is different. Just like our two little bundles of love, what works for one, might not work for another!

You can find Gerber® Pure® Water in the Juice, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water and Flavored Water section of your local Walmart. And you can find more info about Nestlé Gerber and Gerber® Pure® Water here.

Well, fellow parents, I hope that these tips will help your family as you move onto this new, exciting step in your little one’s life!








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