I Love You with All My Senses Date Night in a Box Review

<span class="entry-title-primary">I Love You with All My Senses</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Date Night in a Box Review</span>

Thank you to Night In Boxes for sending me this Date Night in a Box in for review.  As always all thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

One thing I have learned in my short time as a wife and parent, diapers and dishes don’t usually go hand in hand with date night.

As new parents, finding time for each other is a constant struggle that I think most of us feel.

However, as we all know, carving out that special time with your significant other is SO important to keeping your relationship stable and healthy.

And again, as we all know, a healthy and stable mommy and daddy equals a healthy and stable family.

But back to the real issue at hand… FINDING that time!!

In steps Night In Boxes.

I literally CANNOT say enough good things about this company!!

Basically, it is a subscription service that promises you a good time, and delivers!! In fact it delivers it all conveniently packaged in a box right to your doorstep.

Date Night

We got our box while we were traveling on the mainland and I have been DYING for us to have our special night since we got back!

Date NightDate Night

Each monthly box has a different theme with rarely thought of date night ideas and activities. They are super creative and help you and your partner think outside of the box for date night… Instead of sitting in front of the television! (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good Netflix binge as much as the next gal… But sometimes you really gotta switch it up!!)

Date Night

So the first thing we did was enlist the grandparents!

Luckily, they were available to help us out.

However, the really great thing about this box is that even if they weren’t able to watch the little ones, we still could have had our special night after the kids went to bed.

Next, I decided what I was going to wear.

Roxy girl helped me pick my outfit and we decided on the dress I wore for our rehearsal dinner and my wedding shoes! (Since I literally NEVER wear them!!)

Date Night Date Night

After putting on makeup and doing my hair (like a real life person!!) we dropped little Miss Roxy girl at Grandma and Grandpas (Reef was already with Nanny and Grandad!) and date night began!

Date Night

Date Night

The theme of our date night was I Love You with All My Senses.

Date Night

The box included different items and activities correlated with each of the 5 senses to help us reconnect!

Starting with an amazing suggested Dinner Recipe.

(This didn’t even count as the taste portion of the evening!! It was just an extra! And since we didn’t really want to go buy any extra ingredients, we used the recipe as inspiration and tailored it to what we already had in the house.)

First up for the senses, we had Smell. It included 3 different scents that we each took a whiff of. Next we tried to guess the favorite of our partner. Lastly, it included a discount code for candles correlating to each of the scents. (We both guessed correctly!)

Next up; Sight!

We were instructed to sit and just look at each other for 2 minutes straight. (Which is a lot harder than it sounds without actually laughing!) Then we had to turn around and sit back to back and answer questions about each others appearance to see what we actually retained! (Nathan did wayyy better than I did haha!!)

After that, Sound.

I particularly loved this portion because we got to draw 🙂 and we all know I love me some pictionary!

For this part, while still back to back, we had to draw a scene and then describe it to our significant other. They also drew the same scene based on our instructions to see how closely the final drawings matched. SO FUN and I think we did pretty darn well if I do say so myself!

Heading into the homestretch, next comes Taste.

Ok I ALSO particularly loved this portion (who am I kidding I particularly loved all the portions.)

They included some DELICIOUS McCrea’s Caramels and we had a taste test to find our favorites.

True to form, my favorite was a little more out of the box than Nathan’s, but they were all seriously incredible and it was super tough not to scarf them down too quickly.

Last but not least, we had Touch.

Which included different Massage Technique cards and for this portion I’m gonna say just mind ya business! 😉

Haha but seriously, I would absolutely recommend Night In Boxes to anyone out there!

Comment below your idea of the perfect date night to enter to win a free Night In box!!

They also have other fun options such as Kids Night In and Mom’s Night In so make sure you check them out!





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