Little Inanimate Pick-Me-Ups

Little Inanimate Pick-Me-Ups
Heartwarming Little Helping Hands
Some Items that make me feel better when I’m a little under the weather.

I have come to the glaring realization that after having a baby, there are some days where you just don’t feel well.

You aren’t exactly sick, but you certainly aren’t feeling healthy, and the idea of getting almost anything accomplished is pretty daunting.

Today is one of the those days. And on a day such as this I have found there are definitely a few items in my home that help to make me feel just a little bit better.

Here is a list of those things just in case someone else needs some pick-me up ideas from right around your own home xo

WubbaNub Stuffed Animal Pacifier
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1.WubbuNub Baby Giraffe Stuffed Animal Pacifier:

This item is number one on my list for what I find to be a fairly obvious reason… A happy baby is definitely the very first step to a happy momma. This marvelous little invention was gifted to me from a wonderful friend of mine (thank you Chy Chy!)

The fact is sometimes baby needs a paci and this plush little lovely helps to prevent losing said paci in a moment of baby breakdown.. and this is VERY helpful when momma isn’t feeling 100%. Two-thumbs way up!

Buttercream Scented Yankee Candle
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2. Yankee Candle Factory Buttercream Scented Sampler Votive Candle:

Number 2 on the list is a scented candle, and not just any scented candle, the cadillac of scented candles (in my opinion) in my favorite scent, Buttercream.

Not only am I obsessed with these candles because, lets face it, they smell like cake… but they also hold emotional significance!

I am both incredibly blessed to, and at times slightly saddened to live in Hawaii. The sadness stems directly from the distance that we are in relation to my entire family. Missing them is truly the only difficulty I face in living where I do (don’t worry, I know how lucky that makes me!)

Anyways! Back to the point, while I am so far away, I have had a lot of help from my husband, and my family in Connecticut (where I am originally from) in getting back to the East Coast about once a year. And while I am on these trips, one of my all-time favorite things to do is to visit the Yankee Candle Factory Flagship Store in Massachusetts. And because my family is SO wonderful (and caters to me incessantly 🙂 ) they always take the 2 hours car ride and endure the crowds and the overwhelming candle smells and bring me there so that I can fill up at the very least (3) 12-packs of these sampler votives.

SO not only is the scent soothing, it reminds me of my wonderful family and all that they do for me, and that always makes me feel a bit better! (Phew, long explanation, sorry!)

Beautiful Hawaiian Inspired Coaster Set 
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3. Hawaiian Inspired Boxed Coaster Set from Island Bungalow Hawaii Boutique (formerly Chai Studio)

Number 3 on our list is a set of absolutely gorgeous Hawaiian Inspired Coasters in a pretty little box. I purchased this set from an incredible little boutique called Chai Studio in Honolulu, they have since relocated and changed their name to Island Bungalow Hawaii and are now located in Kailua, which is literal perfection because now, so are we!

From the “Aloha” coaster to the Peacock coaster, everything about this set simply makes my heart happy. They are just so visually stunning, that I can’t help but smile every time I put a glass on one. AND they are good for keeping moisture rings off of the furniture 😉

(I consider this an added bonus and not their initial purpose!)

A Caramel Chocolate, Warm Brownie and Glass of Milk

4. Chocolate

And lastly, chocolate. Because, CHOCOLATE.





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  • I’ve definitely had those days. Feeling off, but not exactly sure what…and knowing that I’m not sick, but just drained? Anyway, hugs and thanks for sharing these tips for pick me ups!

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