Match without being Matchy – Dressing for Your Family Photos Our Family Photos with J. Leigh Photography at Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford CT

<span class="entry-title-primary">Match without being Matchy – Dressing for Your Family Photos</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Our Family Photos with J. Leigh Photography at Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford CT</span>

If I’m going to be honest here, dressing for family photos was pretty low on my list of things to do when planning for a 3 week trip to the mainland with two babies under two.

But it was definitely on my list. And once my mother confirmed that we would, in fact, be getting photos taken… ALL OF US… I started to realize we needed a wardrobe plan… ASAP.

While there was once a time for a photo of every member of your entire family wearing jeans and a white tee… and I’m sorry in advance if I hurt anyones feelings here! That time has passed.

Matching with your family is adorable. Duplicating the same outfit for everyone… not so much!

And I am not discriminating against family photos here.

This is a personal preference of mine in all “matching situations”, from siblings to bridesmaids.

In most cases, people are many different shapes and sizes, so expecting them to wear the exact same clothing is pretty unrealistic (in my opinion!)

But there is a simple way to pick coordinating outfits for your family without having a uniform.

Pick a color pallet.

Some of you are probably thinking, um Mal, what the heck does that mean…?

Well let me show you!!

Well first, simple backstory… While we were on our mainland trip in September (I know I am SO last posting these!!) we had the pleasure of spending about 9 days in Connecticut. While there, my mother hired a wonderful gal who I have actually known since high school to take some family photos of us!

Jacque is such a gifted woman and we were just thrilled with all of the beautiful photos she took of us!

If you are looking for family portraits in Connecticut I would absolutely recommend her.

Please contact her through her Facebook Page for any questions regarding schedule and pricing:

Ok! Back to what we wore!

So picking a color palette is pretty easy. I’ve found that most people end up having one article of clothing that they love and really want to wear. OR one item of clothing that they really want their spouse or child to wear.

We will call that piece of clothing the key item.

In my case, the key item I wanted was for my son and my husband.

It was this matching set of floral ties from DAZI

Once I had that item chosen, the rest of the family was easy.

As long as everyone kept their outfits within the color palette of that tie, we would match!

Ivories, whites, varying neutral blues, khaki, mellow greens. All of the colors we chose were soft and subtle and flowed together as well as they did on the tie!

The boys wore varying shades of blue shirts with khaki or jeans.

I wore a floral dress that was similar but not the same as the ties and a white shawl.

Roxy girl wore the cutest ivory jumper with a gorgeous flower crown from Heartfelt Blooms. (She is so talented!! All of her crowns are made of felt flowers that are so incredibly realistic!! You can head over to her etsy store here:


My mom wore a nice neutral white and jean outfit with adorable khaki heels.

And my sister wore a gorgeous mustard yellow floral dress with a beige cardigan.

I love the end result and outfits were the perfect choice for the gorgeous natural backdrop of Gouveia Vineyards in my hometown of Wallingford, CT.

These photos are so incredible and I am so thrilled that my mother suggested that we have them taken. Our babies have already changed so much in the two short months we have been home and looking back at these photos just makes my heart swell.

A big “Thank You” to my Mom and Jacque for giving me these beautiful moments captured in time.

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!